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Anti air fire clouds the sky as you are hunting enemy warplanes in your deadly Thunderbolt. This air combat simulator let’s you experience the heroic dog fighting from the second world war. Use your skill to home in on enemy aircraft and shoot them out of the sky with your mounted guns or array of missiles.

Avoid the heavy anti air fire coming from the enemy navy vessel. Destroy the warship’s flak canons while you dodge incoming projectiles. Use your aerial acrobatic skills to save the world of the Third Reich’s tyranny.

+ Highly intense aerial dogfighting
+ True to life aircraft handling
+ Intuitive control scheme
+ Switch between cockpit and third person view
+ Perform exhilarating stunts such as loopings
+ Attack the naval ship and take out its battery of flak cannons
+ Shoot down enemy aircraft with your machine gun fire and rockets
+ Amazingly crisp 3D graphics

History of the P-47 Thunderbolt:
Several fighter planes were developed for the US army corps by Seversky Aircraft Company, later rebranded as Republic Aircraft. The company was led by two designer brothers who after a couple of iterations came up with the now famous P-47 Thunderbolt design.

The plane was a lightweight warplane, which caught the attention of US military officials. The company was awarded with a contract in November 1939, but the then current design was no match for Germany’s fleet of high tech fighter planes. Alterations were needed to make the fighter competitive. Air speed had to be increased to at least 400 MPH and weapon systems needed expansion. Six machine guns were added and the cockpit was reinforced with extra armor. The fuel tank could contain 315 gallons of fuel and was self-sealing. This new type was renamed into the P-47B.

The plane was quite large and weighed 9.900 lbs. It was powered by two 2.000 horse power Pratt & Whitney engines, the most powerful US based aircraft engines at the time. Later the plane got extra upgrades like 2 extra machine guns, a new propellor, extra fuel tanks to increase range and better armaments. The warplane had superiour diving capability and was famed for its high kill rate. It is the most succesful US fighter plane during the war. P-47 units destroyed 86,000 railway cars, 9,000 locomotives, 6,000 armored fighting vehicles, and 68,000 trucks. While the P-47's eight machine guns were effective against most targets, it also carried two 500-lb. bombs for dealing with heavy armor.

By the end of World War II, the 15,686 P-47s of all types had been constructed. These aircraft flew over 746,000 sorties and downed 3,752 enemy aircraft. P-47 losses during the conflict totaled 3,499 to all causes. Though production ended shortly after the war ended, the P-47 was retained by the USAAF/US Air Force until 1949.
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