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Miracle Studios Games 17.5 MB 0 169 2015-02-23 2015-06-13 10,000+ 3.6 1.0.1 Everyone
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The year may be 2015, but you wouldn't know, because you're in a time machine reliving your childhood when playing the fun new game called: Toy Claw, that is free to play with a retro arcade type feel that you know and love. This game delivers again and again on the excitement, action, and fun with its casual , carnival atmosphere, and nostalgic gameplay. Open up the game time capsule filled with prizes, cute stuffed animals, and tons of other stuff to unlock and explore!

Cool Features:
-Hit Play button and the game starts
-The background music is soothing and relaxing allowing you to concentrate while you play -First you move the crane/claw with stuffed bear into position. Try lining up your bear over the red opening. That's your bullseye target!

-Second, when the stuffed Teddy is in position, Hit the Go button. This relapses the claw and Teddy drops below.

If the bear drops past gold coins you earn points and most importantly if the Bear successfully drops in the target opening YOU WIN!!! And move on to the next level. YAY! (However, If the bear falls in the prize pit then you fail and must start the level I ver) -As in pinball you will encounter bumper which you can move wherever you like that Teddy will bounce off of on his journey to the red opening. Also, there's a moveable magnet to help Teddy as well!

-Many levels await to be discovered and unlocked making gameplay exciting and challenging.

Disclaimer: Don't be surprised if you cannot stop playing Toy Claw!! It's highly addictive fun for the whole family. You've been warned--You will get Hooked!
Download Toy Claw Today, You Know You Want Too and your children will love this free game.
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