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Eyes feel sore after facing the phone screen or the computer screen for a long time? Looking at things is also blurred?
Do you feel your sleep is getting worse at night? Especially after a long time playing with mobile phones, it is difficult to sleep.

All that reason is: Blue Light

What is Blue Light?
What we call blue light refers to visible light with a wavelength of 380-500 nm. As one of the three primary colors of natural light, blue light is the shortest wavelength and highest frequency high energy light, and thus it is widely used in LED technology to improve electronic products quality.

The negative effects of blue light are:

1、Blue Light will cause cataract, macular degeneration

2、Blue Light will cause eye strain. Long-term visual fatigue may lead to deeper myopia, double vision, easily miss lines during reading, and unable to concentrate, which affects people's learning and work efficiency.

3、Blue light may trigger bad sleep. It also inhibits the secretion of melatonin which is an important hormone that affects sleep. Melatonin currently known role is to improve sleep and regulate jet lag.

It is proven that the sleep quality can be improving by filtering Blue Light

The Blue Light filter reduces blue light by adjusting the light on the screen of the phone. Switching your phone to night mode can relieve your eye strain and make your eyes feel comfortable when you look at your phone at night.
The Blue Light filter can also protect your eyes and help you sleep.

Features :

● Reduce Blue Light
● Flitter Dimmer
● Five different custom color temperatures: Full protection of your eyes. Eliminate the danger of blue light.
● Improve sleep quality
● Very easy to use

► Pre-setted blue filter
    • We will pre-setted 5 color temperature of filters. It has been adjusting for a lot of times and will meet most users’requirement.

► Very easy to use
    • Convenient buttons and automatic timer will help you open and close applications in a matter of seconds. Very useful for eye care applications.

► Adjust filter brightness
    • You can also adjust the brightness of the filter after selecting the color to get the best experience.

► Self-defined filter time
    • You can set any time to turn the blue light filter on or off. Meet the need of the night-reading people and protect eyes from the blue light.

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