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IHM Apps Studio 0 1,867 2018-03-06 2018-07-10 100,000+ 4.4 1.2 Everyone
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fast file share & transfer is the first and foremost quick share app for data transfer like sharing pictures via hotspot or share videos via hotspot and through wi-fi connection too. this app has simple send and receive buttons with datatransfer with quick share and share via hotspot connection even offiline sharing .our app fast file share & transfer is very simple for share of data as file sharing app and share files & documents offline without any internet connection. just by clicking share pictures or share files data transfer your data can be sent & data tranfered xpia with this shear app z fast file share & transfer. we provide you the quick share & zpia document share with xpia picture share with our app fast file share & transfer. our app is best for share all apps, shaer music, share pictures, share photo and quick share tranferfiles .in contrary to share pictures z and z tranferdata zpia transfershare & fast file share & transfer with share videos offline and share_ot and most share_news. File Transfer and Share all this app has is most featured fast file share & transfer xpia picture share t and share_ot applications with share via hotspot z xndr fileshare app and share file transfer.sharing pictures android to anroid is the main share datatrasfer function z our app is a fast & quick share app by sharing apps , تطبيقات, send file from share offline android to android with chare share data and transfer files and sha with she & file transfer app one and only fast file share & transfer by ultra fast data share & برنامج share group picture app and in addition we can use photoswipe & videoswipe chare File Transfer and share - transfer: files, apps, photos & music Share all fast file share & transfer app. fast file share & transfer has latest and quick share features.

quick share(Share and transfer: file, apps & music):
this app allows user for sharing pictures android to anroid and dattransfer with offline share via hotspot feature. in addition to it we can shre & shaer pictures, share videos, shre documents easily and with hotspot file share app. quick share fast file share & transfer. data transfer and pictureswipe with more v_share and with our you can easily share file transfer & data transfer with zpy share and xpia download and share apps with most featured app used for share via wifi or hotspot.

share via hotspot (share - transfer: files, apps, photos & music):
our app has the ability to transfer files via offline junction just by quick share share via hotspot with any internet connection. you have now one of the most fastest in the world quick transfer file share and data transfer app on your phone or we can call it as share phone with others.

Transfer all kind of files(share data and transfer files):
our apps is the fastest and quickest data transfer app that enables you to share videos, share ut pictures and quick share videos via hotspot & share_t with data files transfer and data transfer anywhere easily.

Elegant datatransfer & sharefile app:
This app fast file share & transfer is most data transfer & fast file share & transfer with share videos offline & share anywhere also picture sharing&video sharing.

Share Wallpapers & Much more:
This apps is very fast and quick share app with photoswipe & pictureswipe with fast file share & transfer and can shaer wallpapers ai_rdrop also with smnd xpia with the best file share app which is ultra fast & z datatransfer app.

Fastest data transfer:
With this app we can transfer thousands of files through data transfer transfer files via hotspot within second and make ourself comfortable and easy with the best fastest data transfer and fileshare.
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