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MegaByte Studios - 3D Shooting & Simulation Games 51.6 MB 0 7 2017-03-30 2017-03-30 500+ 3.9 1.1 Mature 17+
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The automaton bots have invaded the earth; the city is under immense threat, the real war battle between the intergalactic robotic forces made of real titanium steel and iron is started. This is an action packed futuristic fighting game, these space machines can convert themselves into vehicles like cars trucks and can run all over the city for destruction and invasion. Get united hero! Gather all allied human forces to fight the epic war against the ultimate and legendary robotic and space forces, these auto bots are strong powerful and loaded with mega laser guns and ammunition to rage the fire power over the city and destruction.

Get into the field and fight for the survival of your city, face the adventure and thrill, take your battalion forces into the frontline, gather your armed forces to attack the robots, plan an assault attack from the sky, pilot the air force squadron and attack these bots through jet fighters and gunship cobra helicopters, don’t panic and strike into the war with will full epic power and strength and be an unmatched hero of this fierce battle between humans and robotic machines. Be a champion of survival of the mankind, use the ultimate ammunition, launch a bazooka attack from the high rise buildings, prepare your snipers to take the best metallic gun shots to disengage the real iron and steel troopers and turn them into dust and debris, wipeout these invading futuristic machines.

This ultimate realistic city cyborg combat adventure is getting worse, these mech machines are taking over the crime city and using the destructive weapons, the people of the city are real angry, the gangsters and mafia criminals are out on the streets, the grand confrontation is about to begin between the humans and machines, these metallic robots are hard time targets. It’s the adventure and rivalry time Hero! Give these rival machines a mega surprise attack with tactical and surgical competition strikes, destroy the enemy and capture the low power robots and gain the strength in the battle, upgrade your weapons to increase the power of the combat with speed and durability, emerge as a victorious hero of this city. The city soldiers are all set to give a universal hard time battle and convert these machines into crash, take the best target, aim and shoot these renovating enemies, rescue your municipal in this cyberspace alien war and battle, engage your tank battalion and smack them with the heavy bombardment through the panzer tanks, protect and rescue the mega city and innocent human beings from enemy bots in this mega warrior battle.

Try to reach the metropolis's main computer and unit installation site figure out the mainframe communication and satellite system between the interplanetary epic space forces and earth and disable it immediately. Eliminate these epic machines in the battle of the dark side, fight like a super hero and defeat the metallic mutants trying to invade the planet earth. Combine all your epic fighting power, call special forces from all over the army and police training schools and academy, train them with artificial intelligence to take over the battle war with these automatic fighting next-gen super powers and evil villain robot machines with x-ray powers, survive the attacks and be a winner. Get into the rush and crush and come out to be a super city hero.
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