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Anything For U tm 0 297 10,000+ 4.4 3 Teen
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As the Autobots speed away from Hoover Dam with the All Spark in their hands, they are attacked by Decepticon drones.
Optimus Prime: Great battle defends Bumblebee, who escapes as heroes faces off against Bonecrusher.
After besting his opponent, Prime looks at the destruction all around him and is given pause to recall how it all began...
Hunting for the All Spark, heroes arrives on Earth and follows the trail to Sam Witwicky,
whose grandfather discovered the lost Megatron frozen in the Arctic years beforehand, and had the location of the All Spark imprinted upon his spectacles by the Decepticon leader.
Posing as the boy's car in order to stay close to him, Bumblebee sneaks away to beam a message on his progress to Optimus Prime,
but is followed by Sam, who discovers the truth about his supposed car.
Sam is in turn followed by the Decepticon Barricade and a platoon of drones, who have pursued heroes to Earth, but Bumblebee is able to defeat the villains in a battle in a steel processing plant.
Soon after, Optimus hero arrives on Earth, accompanied by Ironhide, Jazz, Ratchet, Hound, and Trailbreaker.
Prime dispatches Hound and Trailbreaker to the Arctic to investigate the site where Megatron was discovered, while he and the rest of the Autobots stick with Sam.
Unfortunately for the Autobots, Barricade is not the only bad guy on Earth.
At the same time, in Qatar, Blackout attacks an American military base in search of information on the whereabouts of Megatrong.
As he razes the base, Shockwave and Thundercracker arrive to tell him of Barricade's discoveries.
Subsequently, Shockwave and Thundercracker head for the Arctic, where they discover that the secret government organization known as Sector Seven has moved Megatron's body from its cavern.
The trip is not wasted, however: Shockwave scans an abandoned computer terminal and discovers that Megatron brought a veritable army of drones to Earth with him to aid in the search for the All Spark, drones which are currently lying dormant all over Earth.
Hound and Trailbreaker's Autobot team get the drop on the Decepticons and plant charges in the cavern, but the two villains are narrowly able to escape the blast and quickly head for a rocket launch site.
Well, let's go to the game Optimus Prime: Great battle...
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