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●You can find recipes to cook tasty Japanese cuisine.
OYSHEE means "TASTY!" in Japanese. Oyshee features recipes from both renowned chefs and everyday Japanese.Now it’s time to start cooking Oyshee Japanese food! All recipes can be converted between US and metric measurements.

●There are 4 ways to find recipes.
You can find recipes by filtering categories or searching by keyword.
2.Dietary Needs
If you want to find healthy recipes, try the Healthy category. We've classified recipes according to their health benefits.
3.Japanese Super Foods
We also have dishes that use Japanese superfoods like hijiki, shirataki noodles, soba, miso and others.
4.Super Easy Icon
For beginners, we recommend recipes marked with the "super easy" icon.There recipes can be made within 15 minutes or using 5 ingredients or less.

●Detailed descriptions of Japanese ingredients will help you.
If you're not familiar with Japanese ingredients...Don't worry. We've prepared detailed descriptions of Japanese ingredients. Try showing these pages to your local Asian grocer - they can help you find it!

●Our Categories
Onigiri (Rice ball) recipes
Wagashi (Japanese sweets) recipes
Ramen noodles recipes
Donburi (Rice bowl) recipes
Miso soup recipes
Sushi & Sashimi recipes
Japanese curry recipes
Soba noodles recipes
Udon noodles recipes
Nabe (Hot Pot) recipes

Dish type:
Appetizers (Fukusai) recipes
Main dish (Shusai) recipes
Rice & Noodles (Shushoku) recipes
Desserts & Snacks recipes
Breakfast recipes
Bento (Lunch box) recipes
Soup recipes
Salad recipes
Drink recipes
Dashi & Seasoning recipes

Healthy recipes:
Vegetarian recipes
Superfoods recipes
Wheat free recipes
Gluten free recipes
Daily free recipes
High fiber recipes
Low fat recipes
Low sodium recipes
Low calories recipes
Low cholesterol recipes

Main ingredients:
Vegetables recipes
Tofu & Soybeans recipes
Chicken recipes
Beef & Pork recipes
Seafood recipes
Rice recipes
Noodles & Pasta recipes
Flour recipes
Egg recipes
Miso recipes
Shirataki noodles recipes
Matcha recipes
Hijiki seaweed recipes
Edamame recipes
Mochi rice cake recipes
Burdock roots recipes

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