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Next Gen (Cleaner & Booster & Security) 0 42,012 2017-09-10 2018-07-20 1,000,000+ 4.5 2.1.5 Everyone
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Welcome to Phone Cooler with exclusive optimizer - The smart app that cool down CPU cell phone quickly and support to cool down phone temperature to 7°C.

By quickly detecting apps under running, your phone will be instantly make CPU cooling master phone cooler. In addition to, we also scan and analyze CPU cooler master RAM cleaner and boost WiFi connection with only 1- touch. You can speed up network access without worrying about overheated phone. What could be more amazing than this? Sure, all the essential functions needed for a smartphone are in our phone overheating cooling app.

Key features of CPU cool down app:
1. Detect the cause of phone heating up:
- Scan and find apps & programs are running underground, causing CPU overheating phone

2. Real-time CPU temperature cooler monitor:
- Monitor the operation of the program in the machine to measure real-time temperature & clean and cool down phone at anytime and anywhere.

3. Only 1-touch CPU cooler to cool down the phone temperature:
- Cool off the phone overheat immediately, the phone will cool and work better than ever

4. Promptly alert when the phone is overheated and CPU heating:
- Immediate warning when machine temperature exceeds safety threshold

5. Internet WiFi booster:
- Integrated boost WiFi signal strength, providing fast and stable network access without warming up the machine.

6. Smart Charge Screen:
- This screen will show up when you charge phone, which measures battery charge and keeps it cool when plugged in.

7. Notification manager
- You can select the app to receive the notification and then the notification will be displayed here, this keeps you from being bothered by notifications from all applications in the machine.

8. Super optimizer
- Just 1 touch, the application will help you cool CPU, GPU, battery and optimize the brightness of the device

9. Game booster
- Choose the game you want to accelerate, the application will accelerate the game in just a few seconds

10. Application Management
- Display information and support uninstall of downloaded applications

CPU heat cooling mechanism of app:
➡ Monitor the temperature and find out the cause of engine warm up
➡ Alert users, send notifications about programs that are heating up the phone
➡ CPU scanner, chart analysis of CPU and RAM status
➡ Stop the application running underground to booster RAM clean and CPU cool down the machine immediately
➡ Save the history cooler master CPU cooler to the calendar

Highlights of the cooling phone temperature app:
✔ Cooling overheating phone to 7°C
✔ Real-time tracking temperature & cooling master phone cooler
✔ Select the format °C/°F
✔ Optional setting reminders to cool the machine when overheating
✔ Built-in 2 extra features: boost WiFi speed and smart charging
✔ Create a shortcut at the home screen for 1-touch cooling
✔ Save and review your phone's history for easy tracking
✔ Easy to use phone cool down app

Every day, you are worried about the phone overheating. Every hours, you feel frustrated, annoyed that machine is always so hot. So now, you can assure about the machine temperature when watching movies, surf the web. Not only stop application running underground or WiFi booster signal boost, it also incorporates a cleanup of RAM memory, CPU cleaner and speed booster to lower the temperature of the machine more efficiently. Now, you will be completely satisfied with your smartphone as it was in the beginning. Owning a CPU cooling software has never been so easy as this, just download the app from the store to find out for yourself.

With a guideline for the user experience, our product development team has created great phone heat cooling app with the most useful and practical features. So, do not forget to rate 5* to support the developer. If you have any questions about phone temperature cool down app, please let us know in the comments section, you will get maximum support.
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