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km Games studio 0 144 50,000+ 4.4 1.0 Everyone
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Today I'm going to tell you what's happening in the village of the Smurfs and the leps world. One quiet night in the village of the Smurfs was a big party, they was celebrating the new baby and the smallest Smurf with leps people, while the party is getting funny, the boss of the village found the basket of fruits empty and they need it full to continue the party , the boss of the village told the brave Smurf to enter into the big garden of leps people and bring them some fresh fruits , and surely the brave Smurf took his tools and enter the jungle . After two hours of hard work in the garden of leps , the brave Smurf came back to the village and he saw the plaza of the village is empty and he thinks that he was late and the party is finished and also leps people left the village, he decided to take the fruits to the house of the boss Smurf , on his way he found the little Smurfette is hurting , he ask her '' what's wrong with you'' and she told him that the magician cames to the village with his army and they took all the smurfs , they took them to the big castle of the magician inside the deep jungle, because they need them to make some experiences . The bave Smurf decided to take this adventure and enter the deep jungle and kill all the monsters and the boss monsters untill the end of the deep jungle and he will kill the magician and bring the Smurfs back to the happy village of the Smurfs , would help the brave Smurf to finish this adventure? all you have to do is to guide him and make him collect some coins that will make him power up .
+ 80 levels to plein of adventures and challenges.
+ too many monsters to kill and coins to collect.
+ help the bravs friends to bring the other smu to the village.
+ do you want whats happen to the little smurfette , keep playing till the end and you will be surprised.
+the village will be funny more with your help.
+you will love the experience of helping the brave smurf.
+the leps world adventure

all you have to do is to download the game and start playing , let us a review in the store to make sure that you are playing well ! enjoy.
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