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Getting around Singapore has never been easier!

Sign up FREE to be a member of Tribecar and gain 24x7 access to cars placed at over 100 convenient locations across Singapore!

Once your account is approved (processing time applies, see below), you can use your smartphone to make a booking and unlock the cars for immediate drive off!

Rental rates start from as little as SGD $2 an hour!

Plenty of car models are available. Cars such as the Mitsubishi Lancer GLX & Ex (Economy Sedan), Nissan Note (Economy Sedan). Honda Vezel (Standard SUV), and many more are parked at a MRT near you. All cars have automatic transmission.

Best of all, these cars are PHCs (Grab and Uber ready)! Earn that holiday simply by driving.

What's more? Some of the cars can be driven into Malaysia (as far as Malacca for now)!

Or, if you wants more assurance, you can purchases additional insurance (CDW) to reduce your insurance excess by half (available on some car categories)!

Lastly, if you are planning a road trip and need to add named drivers to your booking, Tribecar allows up to 2 additional named drivers (members or not, it is okay!) so you get 100% insurance coverage during the road trip!


Interested? Sign up FREE now!

1. Sign Up for a briefing slot in the app (you must be at least 23 years old and have at least 2 years driving experience on your Singapore Driving Licence).
2. Come for the briefing and submit your documents (NRIC, Driving Licence, and a Proof of Residence such as Singtel bill, SP bill so we may check your address against your NRIC.)
3. Pay the security deposit online using a debit/credit card, no cash allowed (SGD $100 for Singaporean/PR)
3. Wait for your account activation, it may take a couple of days.
4. Once your account is activated, you will receive an SMS and you can start driving!



Is there a number that I can call?
• Tribecar is a fully self-serve service and there is no general helpline for the business.
• For support, you must email in to support@tribecar.com.
• For emergencies, you can tap the "Need Help" button in the app to get immediate assistance.

How about fuel? Is it included?
• We do not include fuel with the booking. You have the freedom to choose ANY fuel company gives you the maximum discount.
• However, please fuel up with Petrol RON 95 or higher.
• No diesels allowed!
• NOTE - you do not need to fill the petrol tank to the brim when you return the car. As long as the Reserve Fuel Light do NOT turn on when you return the car, it is okay! So most cars come almost empty when you pick them up!

Is there a membership fee?
• Nope. Other than the security deposit for the rental of the vehicles, there is NO weekly/monthly/annual membership fee.

I spotted some accident damage on the car, what should I do?
• Tap on the "Report Issue" button in the app and report the damage to safe guard your interests.

Do I pay first to make a booking or will you invoice me after the booking?
• You will need to first top-up your e-wallet with your debit/card card before you can make a booking.
• The e-wallet works exactly like Ez-link card, top it up, use it and top it up again!
• When you make a booking, the booking amount will be deducted from the e-wallet.

I am late and I was charged late fees, can I request for a waiver?
• No! Tribecar is a community-based service. If you are late, you affect the next person's booking.
• Please be considerate and return the car on time.
• The rental rates are very low, please consider extending your trip to ensure that you have sufficient time to fuel up (above the reserve fuel light level) and return the vehicle to the designated location.
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