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Brandon Buchner 812.0 KB 0 2 2017-07-07 2017-07-07 100+ 4.5 10001001 Everyone
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Features are:
【1】Red wood simple keyboard theme has a 3D dynamic heavy armor machine background, masculine metal and steel makes the picture look thick and powerful, unique striped metal doors and bullet holes, reminiscent of armed good soldiers using pistols sniper and rifles ,smart and handsome;
【2】Red wood simple keyboard theme has 3D touch of beautiful metal icons, crystal and iron with the shield, like the same icon cool personality, simple and generous button around the middle of the colorful neon lights, sparkling, simple and luxurious, look noble special;
【3】Nostalgic game background and high-tech machines, reminiscent of classic mechanical games, the world's first most popular online games, memories of happy childhood without worry, like movies and stories from the front flash, think of the best friend and the first lover in childhood;
【4】Purple orange green blue yellow icon to make dark pictures become lively, from muscular men to innocent and lovely children will like, rusty mottled backdrop and smooth icons, full of sense of history and the times, culture rich atmosphere, there is a high artistic attainments;
【5】Modern technology and the future of scientific integration of the machine design, solid body, screws, the door, like watches and clocks,like the pocket watch screen, like artillery and missile-like equipment, modern stars debut so that the game screen is full of realistic, the dazzling laser is the same sa be described in science fiction movies and novels, and the fascinating realization creates infinite possibilities for the future to be full of hope;
【6】Cold metal texture of the picture like a brutal winter, people feel cool, realistic game scenes like war, triggering the struggle between the soldiers, each resort to all the power to win, the failure of people will be punished, in the friendship first game second purpose of confrontation;
【7】The picture of the dark black style, the red Chinese characters and the biright light, the blood red means that people should not give up after the failure ,one can re-came like the Phoenix Nirvana rebirth, like Jesus Christ survived after receiving the most severe suffering, and to become the unique god ;
【8】The combination of terrible heavy machinery and advanced science and technology makes the effect on the screen like a horrible monster, challenging our world with good martial arts, high power super heroes, defeating enemies and monsters, guarding the family and friends, protect their homes,be the favorite person by the fans around the world worship, become the most powerful star;
【9】People need very high skill and governance to manipulate these machines, win the game victory, so need to think and progress, to enhance themselves;
【10】Cool fashionable picture, full of rock and hip-hop style, beloved by the young people's, adapted by the popular game, to the phone a new desktop wallpaper, leading the trend.

☆ how to apply this Steel machinery game theme ?
♦ The new clock weather in pure clear and clean way to let you see the nice week weather better future and happy mood.
Theme software game application center for you to choose the hottest game software and other mobile phone housekeeper cleaning master application lock flashlight clock and so are interesting and practical.
Sound effects of rock music and unique personalized design of the dynamic sound theme to make your phone super coolThe new clock weather in pure clear and clean way to let you see the nice week weather better future and happy mood.
♦ Download this personality theme , click the install button to successfully apply the theme to your Samsung / Huawei Android phone.
Please take the time to rate and comment on your comments will help us to improve and create a fashion and beautiful personalized theme!

main characteristics:
◇ Fashion mobile phone theme application concept can also be reminded to keep up with the trend,also remind people of keeping healthy body and happy mood
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