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True Caller Name & Address Is The Internet's First Free And Real Caller Id Service. If Somebody Called You And You're Trying To Find Out Who Owns The Number, Use Our App To Quickly Do A "Reverse Lookup" And Determine Who Called You.

Now With Maps And Improved Geolocation!

Most (If Not All) Cellular Phone Carriers Do Not Offer The Full Caller Id Service That Exists For Landline Phones. When Someone Calls A Mobile Phone, The Cell Phone Caller Id Leaves Out The Name, Only Showing The Phone Number And/or City Of The Caller. Real Landline Caller Id Shows The Number & Name Of The Caller. Finally, A Free & Real Landline Caller Id Utility Exists For Android.

This Tool May Only Be Used To Research Phone Numbers That Called You. Map Areas Are Approximate.

Main Features :

Auto Spam Detection
Protect Yourself From Spam. True Caller Alerts You In Real Time If A Scammer Or Spammer Is Calling So You Know Not To Pick Up. Spammers Constantly Change Their Numbers To Avoid Detection, But We Update Our Spam List Multiple Times A Day To Give You The Most Current Information.

Reverse Phone Lookup
Copy Numbers From Your Recent Call Log And Open True Caller To Quickly Know Who Called You.

Spam-check Dialer
Use The Spam-check Dialer To Dial Unknown Numbers And Be Confident That You’re Not Calling A Spammer Or A Scammer. If There’s No Spam Detected, The Call Goes Through Automatically. But If It Is A Known Spam Number, Truecaller Will Ask If You Want To Continue The Call.

Blacklist Numbers
Create A Personal Blacklist Of Phone Numbers That You Don’t Want To Pick Up. It’s An Easy Way To Avoid Ex-boyfriends, Ex-girlfriends Or Anyone Else You Don't Want To Talk To.

Report Spam
Help Other Users In The Community By Reporting Spam. Truecaller Id Detects Spam With The Help Of Millions Of Users Who Report Unwanted Calls As They Receive Them.

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