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Raft Survival Simulator version 1.2

by Raft Survival Simulator
Updated: 2017-01-31
File name: com.pewpaf.raftsimulator.PC.apk
Version: 1.2
Apk file size:
Whats new:
— Fixed BLACK SCREEN error!
— Added day-night cycle time based
— Improved water graphics
— Improved sky graphics
— Improved shark behaviour
— Added items: torch, tench fish, seeds, palm box, crowbar, nails, floating wooden box
— Added Fire Effects with lighting
— Added Help
— Receiving resource back after the destruction of buildable items
— New items animations
— Added game options
— Added 3D Hints
— Added strength of throwing objects - hook, fishing rod etc. (Hold 'USE')
— And many more!…
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