Heroes of the Legend for PC

Heroes of the Legend version 1.0.14

by YallaGamez
Updated: 2018-01-10
File name: com.yallagamez.heroesoflegend.PC.apk
Version: 1.0.14
Apk file size:
Whats new:
Version 1.0.14 Patch Note
* Hero Grade System Improvement
- Hero grades will now be based on GRADE instead of BIRTH.
* Hero Probability UP Event
- Certain Heroes will have higher probability to appear during this event period.
* 5 New Packages now available
- Various new packages with wider price range are now available in the shop.
* Trecendance enhanced
- Hero trecendance can be done by reaching max level with the main Hero.
* Other fixes
- Added new loading images.

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